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2012-07-14 04:25 am
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too crazy didn't read )

in short yes you are the first person who has ever told me to exercise ever this is brand new information please continue

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2012-05-23 06:26 pm


lj deletes and purges every one of your old accounts from a certain rp because you never made posts on the journal, meanwhile journals that are years older but have entries are still there
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2012-05-14 01:12 am
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our basement flooded and i spent all day bailing it out by hand and i had a panic attack about it and then passed out for four hours and we still don't know where the water's coming from?? i gots a math final tomorrow but that class is so cake i'm not even bothered about it.
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2012-03-07 07:30 pm

mass effect 3

this game won't let me stop crying

MASS EFFECT CRY COUNT AS OF 3/7/12, 7:30 PM: 3 1/2
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2012-02-16 06:39 pm

and i'm talking to myself at night because i can't forget

receive refund from newegg

wait ten whole minutes before blowing some of it on makeup

my life is fascinating
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2012-02-02 02:16 am

ball so hard this shit crazy

And somehow, Mass Effect 3, I am still only slightly dubious about you!
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2012-01-26 01:49 am

give me all your money and give me all of your residuals

computer hell is over .......... or is it??

so last november my computer died, no one could figure out what was wrong with it, a friend wiped the HD and reloaded all of my files and shit onto it

fast-forward to a little less than 3 weeks again when it went completely unusable again, so we take it into the geek squad at best buy and they tell us the HD is probably corrupted, buy a new one and just put everything back on your computer

I buy a nice new HD that has almost twice the size of my old one, but as I attempt to install it realize that I do not have an actual hard physical copy of Windows.

No one in my family has a physical copy of windows.

then of course my mother gets angry and tells me to call up Dell because she paid them cash monies three years ago (we did finally establish that it is three, not two years old like she has been insistently claiming for the last nine months). Thus begins our three day sojourn with a nice but terribly put-upon sounding tech guy in India.

so I tell him to just send me the CDs, i will install it on my swanky new HD and we will never have to speak again but he tells me No, we will fix your old hard drive there isn't anything wrong with it and also there is a special way you must install Windows on Dell that you do not know and I will not tell you!!

I run all tests as instructed and am told whoops I guess your computer really is fucked five ways from sunday and you are not just being an idiot. At which point we started talking costs and

mom got angry

on the phone


129 cashdollars and two business days later we have an actual physical copy of Windows, hallelujah, and I go to follow another nice tech guy's detailed instructions to save all of my files and make everything nice again because that totally won't be a problem

except oh whoops it is

I guess you really will have to wipe your entire hard drive saving absolutely none of the data and install windows the 'special Dell way' which contains the exact instructions I found on last weekend on a search engine in fifteen seconds




so tomorrow i'm just gonna take the motherfucker apart again and format my new hd

fun times
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2012-01-18 10:32 pm